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Marla Testimonial

“Sam saw me when my body was at its weakest and I was just recovering from a bad attack of rheumatoid arthritis that had meant that I was not allowed to do much exercise for about a year.

He was gentle and encouraging and adapted all the exercises so that my body got stronger gradually. He pushed me within my limits and I am now flexible, strong and much fitter.

I couldn’t see him that often as I live in London, but he adapted the program so that I could use it in my local gym and checked in with me weekly both by email and over the phone.

Every time I did see him, he changed the program to adapt to my increasing strength and fitness while still being motivating and understanding about my triggers.

He is the most empathetic, hardworking and amazing personal coach I have ever met and I have had a few. Sam has changed the way I am able to use my body because he understood what it was capable of and he made it the best it could be without making me feel like I was underperforming.

His enthusiasm and encouragement has been second to none. I just wish I lived in Newcastle! You cannot go wrong with Sam. He is in a class of his own and has changed my life.”

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