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Alex Testimonial

"Around a year ago I decided that I would bite the bullet and return to PT as I’d completely fallen out of a gym routine and trying to balance work and being consistent was something I had been struggling with.

In 2016 I decided that I needed to make a big push to get weight off having seen pictures of me whilst away on holiday. I managed to shift a load of weight and remained fairly consistent however in 2018 I found myself starting to gain weight again and unable to maintain anything consistently hence contacting Pioneer.

I’ve had PT’s in the past but my experience at Pioneer and especially with Sam has been second to none. Over the course of last year I managed to get into the best shape of my life and learnt so much. I also gained so much more self confidence in and out of the gym.

I was by no means the perfect client with frequent over indulgence on a weekend, however, because of the plan in place from Sam we were able to account for this and made changes through the week.

Gutted to be taking a step back from PT for a while due to changes I have going on at the minute but even after leaving Sam provided me with a plan to follow in my own gym and everything I learnt I have taken away with me and still apply it now.

Anyone considering joining should really just go for it! I cannot thank Pioneer and Sam enough."


And now he's back!

"Sam is by far the best PT I have ever had. It isn’t just about the workouts in the gym, he puts a real emphasis to help your lifestyle outside the gym including workouts and nutritional support.

When I moved to the Midlands I struggled to find anyone anywhere near his standard but now I’m back I’m so pleased to be under his guidance again.

His approach is a far more sustainable all round lifestyle change rather than just being pushed beyond your limits for an hour in the gym. I would look nowhere else for a PT"

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