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Beth Testimonial

“I have worked with Sam now for over 2 years. When I first enquired at Pioneer I knew exactly the type of coach I wanted. Being a coach myself I knew that I needed someone who truly understood my requirements and could cater to my endless list of injuries.

My goal was never for aesthetics, it was to feel strong and stable in my body, create a healthier relationship with my body and food, and learn to become a better coach myself.

Sam goes above and beyond to help people. He has not only helped me with my injuries, he has guided me in my personal life and my business. His skill set goes far beyond being a Personal Trainer, and I can’t thank him enough for his help and guidance over the last 2 years.

I can guarantee that I have become a better person in mind and body because of Sam. You need certain people in your life that are there to guide you and give you the tools for success, Sam is definitely one of those people to do just that.”


A few words from me...

For Beth, this was never about before and after pictures. In this instance, training and nutrition is all geared towards how she feels and functions. We primarily focus on performance, enjoyment and exploration.

Beth has a vast array of experience in multiple realms of fitness and has an abundance of body control and awareness. Exercise selection therefore reflects Beth’s ability level, and we seek to challenge mobility, stability, strength and power. As owner of Infinite Pilates, our training is designed to complement (and not interfere with) Beth’s Pilates practice.

Nutrition and lifestyle wise, we prioritise her relationship with food, nourishment and stress management. Beth has the know-how, but this doesn’t mean having a coach won’t provide any value. The best coaches have coaches. With a busy schedule, time is a very valuable commodity to a business owner, so why not hire someone to take care of your own training?

Although aesthetics weren’t a primary goal, just like anyone else, there was a body image component to what Beth wanted to achieve. Everyone to some extent will care about how they look and this can be for many different reasons. For Beth, we took these pictures for her new business venture EquiFit.

In this business, you can make the argument that it’s important to look the part. But as fitness professionals, our perception of ourselves can often become skewed and we are the first to point out our “flaws”. The reference point of what we may consider as being “in shape” is often very different to that of the lay person.

This really highlights the importance of knowing why you’re in this and who you’re in this for. The goal was not to be as lean and muscular as possible, the goal was to appeal to a target market and be relatable and approachable.

To me, Beth is an embodiment of what the industry should be all about. Yes, there is often an aesthetic goal, but there is so much more about training to explore!

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