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Chris Testimonial

“Training with Sam is a truly transformative experience; not only will you see physical changes, but new positive behaviours, and you will gain an abundance of knowledge that you will carry with you. It is apparent that Sam is incredibly passionate about fitness and wellbeing in the comprehensive approach he takes to training. He offers great value that goes beyond hour-long workouts as he endeavours to build lasting results by improving diet, aiding recovery, and creating healthy habits that stay with you.

Training with Sam, you can be confident that you are not getting an off-the-shelf training programme, but a programme that is truly tailored to the individual. He will take the time to assess where you are at and where you want to be, helping you identify your goals; if like me, you were not entirely certain what your goals were. Whilst training with Sam, I was experiencing the long-term effects of both shoulder and hip dysfunction and was unable to perform a range of movements and exercises. Not only did Sam utilise alternative exercises that I could perform but also worked to aid recovery.

Sam is adept in sports massage treatment and I found this particularly beneficial in not only rehabilitating my shoulder and hip but also in improving my recovery from workouts, increasing mobility, and boosting my performance. Beyond the massage table, Sam is able to educate you and impart knowledge of countless techniques that you can perform yourself at home to aid your recovery and increase mobility; ultimately helping you reach your goal.

Sam’s adaptable style is more fundamental than simply changing exercises due to injury. He takes the ego out of training and if you’re new to the gym he’ll make you feel comfortable there. He labours to make the process work for you; whether that is changing exercises because you can’t feel the correct muscles activating to adapting your diet due to intolerances. When you train with him there is a feeling of a genuine partnership in which you are working towards a common goal.

It is apparent that everything Sam does is based in science and proven results. On your journey with him you will track your progress at every stage, not only so that you see just how much progress you have made but also to adapt your plan. He is already well-versed in many aspects of fitness and wellbeing but is undeniably on a journey of his own; always keen to learn new things and always looking to improve upon that with which he is already familiar. Moreover, he is undeniably eager to share that which he has learned with distinct, almost child-like, enthusiasm.”

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