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Damian Testimonial + Mental Health

“I was recommended to Sam after working on my fitness levels without the visual impact I desired. After a few month’s of working alongside Sam, I learned so much, dramatically changed my physique and achieved the goals I had been working towards for years. His knowledge, teaching, CPD and genuine warmth all come together to support each of his clients. For me, Sam is the only trainer I would use.”


Damian's Mental Health Awareness Week Piece

"I’ve been discussing mental health with Sam and Sarah for months. This week I was asked to share my thought’s, so without disclosing too much, here is my four penneth worth on this important subject.

I teach 16/19 year olds and see at first-hand how toxic life is for many in my care. Having received training in order to support others who are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression I understand how rewarding it can be to help people thrive. However, because I took my eye off the ball, I found I was struggling to keep a handle on my own mental health.

At first I felt a bit jaded, worn out, a little less confident in myself. Rather than address it, I worked harder on the areas I believed were at fault. In retrospect they were the wrong areas. There was nothing wrong in what I was doing on a day to day basis, I was just working tirelessly on other people, on work, on everything but the most important person, me! I had burnt myself out! I ended up having to see my doctor, who signed me off for a few months.

Now I’m on the road to recovery and heading back to the coal face I feel I have gained a great deal of insight into how and why I ended up in such a negative space.

Training has saved me from hitting rock bottom. I could have packed it in. What’s the point! I thought at times. But the support at each training session, the focus on something for me, my time, has proved to be invaluable. Working hard to perfect a particular exercise, challenging myself to be fitter, stronger, more flexible etc. But being able to share my thoughts with someone who is foremost training the body, but in fact is helping change your mind set too, has helped me in so many ways.

So for now, I am focusing on me. Work now takes second place. If I’m not fully rested, confident, happy and content in my own life, how can I hope to support anyone else with their issues and needs.

Working with Sam has been such a positive step in my ambition to be fitter and healthier, but in more recent months he has had a fantastic influence on my mind and how I need to move forward with positivity and confidence."

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