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Tessa Testimonial

“I have been working with Sam for the past two years and focused on my mobility, stability and strength. I have a rare condition called Charcot Marie Tooth disorder which affects all of the above and without intervention would progressively get worse.

What Sam has taught me has been a total game changer. Not only is my body showing signs of improvement, it’s showing less deterioration. With Sam you get a coach who really provides a program and support specifically for you.

You also, if you wish, get a teacher, as he passes his knowledge to you. He encourages growth physically and mentally! I’m looking forward to the future now where before I feared it!

Unfortunately, it took me 40 years to find such a PT because the industry is saturated with, I’m sorry to say uneducated folk with no desire to build upon further knowledge.

The proof is in the pudding. I have muscular dystrophy and have had many PT’s with no results. Since starting I have seen and felt so many changes not just in my body, but most importantly my mindset.

I’m eating now, something I’ve always struggled with. I’m walking more without falls. Sleeping better. It’s the whole package I’m receiving. I’d shout it from the rooftops how Sam has and still is transforming my outlook on life.

Thank you, Sam and Pioneer for the number of hours you must’ve put into gaining such outstanding knowledge to then help a very unhealthy nation. If only you could become a worldwide name!


A few words from me...

I’ve been working with Tessa for 2 and a half years now and what continues to amaze me most is her mental strength and resilience.

Tessa has a condition called CMT, which is an inherited and progressive condition that damages the peripheral nervous system. This can cause muscular atrophy, loss of motor control and disrupt the relaying sensory information.

Regardless of what having this condition brings, Tessa’s mindset never wavers! Sure, sometimes things get tough and motivation goes up and down just like anyone else, but she knows she’ll always feel better for training and shows up regardless.

Tessa isn’t defined by her condition and is dedicated to slowing down the progression of CMT as much as possible to live her best life. One of the most fulfilling aspects of this job is seeing clients like Tessa leave the gym a different person to the one that came in.

So, what does Tessa’s training look like?

Typically, CMT effects the more distal (situated away from the centre) areas of the body the most, such as the hands and feet. This means people with CMT tend to struggle with balance, stability and gait (walking/running).

For that reason, exercise selection is focused on improving function and incorporates a lot of contralateral movements as demonstrated here. The aim is to get certain tissues to work together in a coordinated manner which will transfer to walking upright. Call it running without running.

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